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Increasing Productivity and
Revenue with Computational

With computational applications based on highly accurate multiphysics
models, everyone wins. Both the app developer and its end users can
benefit from innovation with reduced risk while minimizing production
costs — or by introducing an entirely new revenue stream.


HeatSinkSim is a cutting-edge computational tool, created by the simulation            “Multiphysics modeling
specialists at AltaSim Technologies, that until recently would not have been possible
to develop in a realistic, competitive timeframe. The application’s user-friendly      and simulation
interface extends multiphysics modeling and virtual prototyping capabilities to any    applications, such
engineer interested in optimizing their heat sink designs for power electronics.       as HeatSinkSim, will
                                                                                       enable and set the
   Relevant to any product development process or design task, simulation              pace for engineering
applications can help resolve work ow bottlenecks in large companies and provide
custom design capabilities to small companies and startups, where it is often          innovation.”
impractical to keep dedicated simulation engineers on staff.
                                                                                       — JEFF CROMPTON, PRINCIPAL
   ”Whether you’re at a large company or a startup, if you’re going to change           AND COFOUNDER, ALTASIM
the future and dominate the marketplace, you need to replace traditional design         TECHNOLOGIES
tools with something that is different, predictive, and represents the real world.
Multiphysics modeling and simulation applications, such as HeatSinkSim, will enable
and set the pace for engineering innovation,” explains Jeff Crompton, cofounder
and principal at AltaSim.

   With professional insight and examples, this article will equip you with practical
guidelines, and the inspiration to move forward with a simulation-driven product
design work ow that reduces your development costs and time to market.

ð FROM DESIGN GOAL TO                      FIGURE 1. Vertical plate n heat sink mounted on a PCB with power electronic components
INNOVATIVE PRODUCT                         that drive critical continuous manufacturing operations.

The roadmap for integrating simulation
into your product design work ow
is straightforward with simulation
applications, making expensive trial-
and-error prototyping the primary
design method of the past. To illustrate,
let us consider common goals for
heat sink design and optimization for
power electronics, and the subsequent
development and use of the HeatSinkSim
app to meet and exceed those goals.
Although you may not be working on
heat sink design speci cally, you can
readily apply the methods and work ow
described here to another product
or process.

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