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FIGURE 4. Log into COMSOL Server™ product using a browser. Then run HeatSinkSim from COMSOL Server in a separate browser tab or
window (a). Through the simulation application in (b), you specify the geometry, materials, and operating conditions. The app offers two levels of
analysis. Results from a Level 1 analysis (c) indicate that a Level 2 analysis (d) is recommended, which entails a full 3D conjugate heat transfer study.

customized functionality in                   easier since more people can run           have or intend to have simulation
Java® code methods that are run in            simulations through an app.                specialists on staff, you still have the
response to user input.                                                                  option of outsourcing the model
                                                 “If you recognize that you can          and app development to COMSOL
   Results from the HeatSinkSim app           develop simulation apps that are           Certi ed Consultants, such as AltaSim,
are shown in Figure 4, demonstrating          predictive and represent real-world        or purchasing access to an existing
the two different levels of analysis that     situations with real dimensions and        simulation app — HeatSinkSim is just
are available. A Level 1 heat transfer        operational characteristics, then you can  one example.
analysis solves the conjugate heat            also look at the number of potential
transfer problem and includes uid             users that could bene t from simulation       With simulation apps available to
                                              apps,” says Crompton. “There are an        you and your colleagues, you can
  ow with conduction, convection, and         estimated 80 million scientists and        rely on highly accurate multiphysics
radiation. Results are shown in one-          engineers around the world that are        models to predict the real-world
dimensional line plots of temperature         potential users of computational apps,     performance of your product or process.
vs. design parameters, such as the            compared to just 750 thousand that         By improving your understanding and
number of ns in the heat sink. A Level        are currently using computer-aided         reducing the time and cost associated
2 analysis performs a more detailed heat      engineering (CAE) tools."                  with prototyping, you can get your
transfer simulation for a more accurate                                                  innovative solution to market rst.
three-dimensional solution, but takes            Instead of running all of the
longer to run. If temperatures reach the      analyses themselves, which can create         Returning to the example of heat
user-de ned operating limits during an        a work ow bottleneck, simulation           sink design optimization for power
initial Level 1 analysis, a Level 2 analysis  applications can help your simulation      electronics, using HeatSinkSim offers
is recommended to the user                    specialists make time to develop           a competitive advantage by improving
by HeatSinkSim.                               new tools and features that require        access to simulation capabilities that
                                              their expertise. In case you do not        help to ensure that safe operating
   In planning your simulation-driven
work ow, it is important to consider          “There are an estimated 80 million scientists and
logistics such as who will set up and
validate the initial multiphysics model,      engineers around the world that are potential
design the simulation app based on that       users of computational apps, compared to just 750
model, and ultimately perform design          thousand that are currently using computer-aided
evaluation and optimization using the
app. The ability to create an app based       engineering (CAE) tools.”
on a multiphysics model adds exibility
and makes planning your work ow

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