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temperatures are maintained, and          complexity, and desired solution time are      HeatSinkSim, and then pay for the
consequently, continuous                  all factors to consider. If you would like     features and time that they use. By
manufacturing operations.                 results as fast as possible, but without       developing simulation apps, not only
                                          the responsibility of managing hardware        can you expand access to highly accurate
ð DISTRIBUTION AND                        or the related security concerns, a            multiphysics modeling capabilities, but
REVENUE                                   supercomputing center may be an                pay-per-use access to apps can open
                                          attractive option.                             up a new revenue stream for your
Providing the means to access and                                                        organization as well.
run simulation applications is just as       To provide access to HeatSinkSim,
important as deciding who will be         AltaSim partners with AweSim, an               ð A BETTER, FLEXIBLE
developing and using them to achieve      organization that aims to strengthen           PRODUCT DESIGN
your design goals. Through a local        economic competitiveness by                    WORKFLOW
installation of the COMSOL Server™        providing simulation-driven design
product, your colleagues or customers     capabilities to small and midsized             The HeatSinkSim app by AltaSim is
can readily access simulation apps        manufacturers. Behind AweSim is the            not only an example of a solution to
through a COMSOL client or web            Ohio Supercomputing Center (OSC),              meet your design goals, but is also a
browser. Figure 4a shows a web browser    which operates three major systems.            product itself, developed and validated
with the Application Library for the      HeatSinkSim runs on a node on the              by experienced simulation specialists.
COMSOL Server installation, through       Oakley cluster, which is an HP Intel®          By using the multiphysics modeling,
which you can launch the HeatSinkSim      Xeon® machine with more than 8300              application design, and distribution
app. AltaSim uses the dashboard to        cores for parallel computation. By             capabilities of COMSOL Multiphysics
manage app access and                     submitting a request to AweSim to use          and COMSOL Server throughout the
feature availability.                     HeatSinkSim, you are provided with an          product development cycle, you can
                                          account at OSC, enabling you to log in         bring simulation to everyone, adding
   COMSOL Server is a product designed    remotely from a web browser on your
to run on anything from a standard        own computer to run the app on their             exibility to your work ow that can
laptop or desktop computer, to state-of-  supercomputing clusters.                       improve quality and reduce risks and
the-art supercomputing clusters. When                                                    costs, while delivering your best
choosing hardware that meets your            Through the AweSim distribution             possible product to market in a
speci c needs, cost, availability, model  method, users can rst try out
                                                                                         competitive timeframe. v

Executive Summary                                                                        Jeff Crompton, principal and
                                                                                         cofounder, AltaSim Technologies
                                                                                         The AltaSim staff has over a century of
To provide thermal design engineers with accurate tools, AltaSim Technologies is         collective experience in the development,
developing computational applications (apps) from detailed physics-based simulations.    application, and exploitation of
Apps include custom interfaces that allow the user to run multiphysics analyses by       multiphysics computational analysis
changing, for example, design parameters and operating conditions. HeatSinkSim is        and simulation. As founding members
an app that examines the effect of heat sink design on thermal dissipation in power      of the COMSOL Certi ed Consultants
electronic components, potentially saving months of remediation measures later in the    program, AltaSim combines its expertise
development process.                                                                     in COMSOL Multiphysics® software and
                                                                                         ability to extend its functionality with
AltaSim is making the app available for general access and use with on-premise           fundamental knowledge of physics,
workstations or clusters as well as through secure connectivity to hosted parallel       mechanics, computational science, and
computing resources. Individual users can also perform further customization.            real-world processes.

Bene ts of app-based virtual              App management, deployment,
prototyping                               and use

• Uni ed company approach                 • Administrators can deploy, distribute, and
• Expert mathematical modeling                manage apps with COMSOL Server™

    knowledge accessible to designers     • Users connect to COMSOL Server to
    and engineers                             access apps and run multiphysics analysis
• Decisions based on predictive               from a browser or COMSOL Client
    physics-based analysis
• Cost-effective                          • Apps are cluster computing enabled
                                          • 24/7 worldwide access

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