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relevant boundaries. In this test case,    approaching the yield value, and         the newest fusion machine to serve as
the Lorentz force was determined for       causing 1-centimeter de ections in       an R&D platform to test the divertor
a tokamak operating with a 1.5 million     the structure. To stabilize the vacuum
ampere plasma current and 6.5 Tesla        vessel wall, a support block is added    concepts required for a fusion reactor. v
toroidal eld strength.                     to immobilize an additional boundary
                                           as shown in the bottom row in Figure     Jeffrey Doody is a mechanical engineer at the
   The modular vessel components are       4. Simulation results, obtained for the  MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center, pictured
made from Inconel 625, a strong nickel-    case with the support block in place,    here at the COMSOL Conference 2015 Boston
based alloy that is also highly resistive  demonstrate signi cantly reduced stress  where he won an award for his simulation work.
to current ow, keeping eddy currents       and displacement of the vessel wall,
to a minimum. The yield stress for the     indicating that the stabilized vacuum
material is 460 MPa, however the design    vessel can survive a plasma disruption
criteria for the ADX stipulates that       and support ADX operation.
the vessel walls should not experience
stresses exceeding 306 MPa, which is       ð NEXT-STAGE NUCLEAR
two-thirds of the yield stress value.      FUSION AND BEYOND

   Numerical simulation shows that,        Simulation-led design of the ADX
without any design modi cations,           will help ensure its safe, successful
the Lorentz force due to a VDE             operation at PSFC, where it will become
leads to large stresses in the vessel

The COMSOL Video Gallery:
an Interactive Learning Tool

by ANDREW GRIESMER                         The COMSOL Video Gallery contains over 200 videos, with new
TUTORIAL SERIES                            additions every week. With a focus on supporting users of the
                                           COMSOL Multiphysics® software and COMSOL Server™ product,
                                           these videos help you get the most out of your numerical simulations.

Tutorial videos show how to use the software, from setting up geometry to postprocessing results and everything between. These videos are created for
both beginning users and seasoned simulation specialists, spanning introductory features and advanced techniques alike. Each video is produced with
insight from the COMSOL technical support team.

                                           MODEL DEMONSTRATIONS

                                           Want to learn about modeling specific physics phenomena? Model
                                           demonstrations take you through all the steps necessary to simulate them,
                                           including electromagnetics, structural mechanics, non-isothermal flow,
                                           acoustics, chemical reactions, MEMS, microfluidics, and more. These
                                           videos will give you a feel for how to create models in COMSOL Multiphysics®
                                           software and how to turn them into custom applications featuring a
                                           user-friendly interface for everyone to run by connecting to
                                           COMSOL Server™ product.


                                           Hear from fellow engineers and scientists about how they are using numerical
                                           simulation in their industries. Each year at events worldwide, COMSOL users
                                           present their work, showcasing best practices and innovative designs. Watch
                                           this collection of presentations from the comfort of your desk.

                                           COMSOL VIDEOS ONLINE

                                           Browse the available videos in the COMSOL Video Gallery at

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