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FIGURE 6. Left: Simulation results showing the displacement of the windings. Deformations are           parameters we provide access to —
exaggerated for visibility. Right: Results showing the sound pressure levels outside the tank and the   focusing on the ones that are most
displacement of the walls.                                                                              important,” Kavasoglu added.

FIGURE 7. Cropped screenshot of the rst simulation app created for calculating eigenfrequencies            With the wide range of industrial
of the transformer core. At left, a tab in the app shows the model inputs; at right, results are shown  applications for which ABB designs
for the calculated eigenfrequencies. Deformations are exaggerated for visibility.                       transformers, this exibility is immensely
                                                                                                        helpful for their design and virtual
and R&D engineers: “The designers have    transformers they build frequently.                           testing process. “ABB produces
been using tools based on statistics and  But when new designs or different                             transformers for every industrial need.
empirical models. We are lling the        dimensions are introduced, they may                           At the moment we’re focusing on AC
gaps by deploying simulation apps. The    run into problems with this approach,                         large power transformers commonly
Application Builder allowed us to give    like error outputs showing less accurate                      used by power companies that transmit
them access to nite element analysis      data for noise levels. This can become                        and distribute electricity throughout
through a user interface without them     quite costly if additional measures                           cities,” he explained.
needing to learn nite element theory,”    to reduce noise are required on the
Haettel explained.                        completed transformer,” Haettel                                  “But the work we’re doing can be
                                          continued.                                                    translated to any type of transformer,
   One application (see Figure 7)                                                                       and of course if we receive a speci c
calculates the speci c eigenfrequencies      “Besides the cost aspect, there is the                     request, we adapt the app to that need.
of the transformer core that can imply    time aspect. The new app will make the                        This allows us to easily do additional
noise-related issues due to frequencies   designers’ job easier and more ef cient                       development work. The Application
that fall within the audible range. This  by using the precision of an FEA code.”                       Builder has made the transfer of
app includes both the physics model                                                                     knowledge and technology much easier.
developed in the COMSOL® software            The custom application adds a
and custom methods written in             level of convenience by letting users                            “We’ve also been using the
Java® code, programmed within             check how certain combinations of                             COMSOL Server™ license to distribute
the Application Builder.                  geometry, material properties, and                            our app to other of ces for testing,
                                          other design parameters will affect                           which makes it easy to share it. This
   “Our designers use standard            the resulting transformer hum. “We’ve                         worldwide license is great; with a
spreadsheets that work well for the       been deliberate about selecting which                         global organization, we expect users in
                                                                                                        our other locations around the world
                                                                                                        to bene t from these apps.” With a
                                                                                                        local installation of COMSOL Server,
                                                                                                        simulation specialists can manage
                                                                                                        and deploy their apps, making them
                                                                                                        accessible through a client or
                                                                                                        web browser.

                                                                                                           The team is focusing on
                                                                                                        a second application that will calculate
                                                                                                        load noise. Once deployed to the
                                                                                                        business unit, this application will
                                                                                                        further remove the burden of tedious
                                                                                                        calculations, allowing designers and
                                                                                                        sales engineers to run more virtual
                                                                                                        tests without needing to work with
                                                                                                        a detailed model, and enable ABB to
                                                                                                        more quickly and easily produce the

                                                                                                        world’s best transformers. v

                                                                                                        Left to Right: Mustafa Kavasoglu, Romain
                                                                                                        Haettel, and Anders Daneryd of ABB CRC.

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