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This industry-focused edition of COMSOL News provides you with a glance into
how multiphysics simulation can be a powerful tool for advancing innovative and         4 Modeling Tools for
cost-saving techniques for the oil and gas industry. The articles in this issue gather
together case studies from a variety of different companies, as well as offers              Formation Evaluation and
modeling insight from COMSOL® software specialists.                                         Reservoir Navigation

Traditionally, modeling and simulation play a key role in the exploration of natural         FRACKING MONITORING
resources like oil or gas when developing new fields, managing existing reservoirs,
or optimizing production processes. However, looking at the industry as a whole,        7 Multiphysics Simulations
there is much more to simulate: Reservoir modeling and exploration is only the tip
of the iceberg with respect to how multiphysics simulation can be used in such a            Help Track Underground
highly innovative field.                                                                    Fluid Movements

This magazine features a variety of applications ranging from reservoir navigation      10 BOREHOLE HYDROGEOLOGY
at Baker Hughes, to optimizing lubricants for improving energy efficiency at Shell
Global Solutions, modeling corrosion protection of an offshore oil platform, and              Pumping and Injecting
improving safety on offshore oil platforms, just to name a few examples. This                 from a Single Borehole
issue also highlights a model developed for the precise and long-term prediction
of geothermal energy production—a groundbreaking approach with respect to               12  APPLICATION NOTES
comprehensiveness and ease of use.
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We hope that you enjoy this edition of COMSOL News. For more case studies,
modeling examples, and R&D projects relating to the oil and gas industry as well as         Effective Oil Procurement
other applications, be sure to visit the COMSOL website. v
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