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FIGURE 4. Screenshot of the COMSOL environment. Plot 1 shows the von Mises stress in the metal with regions of higher stress
surrounding the pit. Plot 2 demonstrates pit growth with an irregular corrosion front and shows the distribution of average metal
concentration in the electrolyte.

èTHE FUTURE OF                               From left to right: Siddiq Qidwai (NRL), Virginia DeGiorgi (NRL), and Nithyanand Kota
CORROSION PREVENTION                         (Leidos Corp.) are researching the fundamental mechanism of corrosion in metals.

As the model is validated and further
evolves, it will also include fully-coupled
structural mechanics analyses to elucidate
the impact of pit growth in a metal on
its strength and reliability. At present,
a decoupled structural analysis of
microstructural steel has been successfully
implemented as shown in Figure 4. Qidwai
and his team at NRL are also actively
developing methods to quantify the
relationship between microstructure, pit
growth, and mechanical performance.
	 “Establishing this relationship is
our ultimate goal and will enable
material designers to create materials
that better resist and even prevent
corrosion, therefore reducing the
exorbitant cost and inconvenience
shared by everyone.” v

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