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Baker Hughes engineers turn to multiphysics simulation to develop a reservoir navigation
service more efficient and precise than ever before, saving customers millions of dollars.



Headquartered in Houston, Texas, with                          yz                                 R1     tool
operations in more than 90 countries,                                x                       R2
Baker Hughes is known around the
world as a leading provider of products,     homogeneous                                     30°
services, and solutions for the petroleum    impermeable sand                                                       Reference depth
and Continuous Process Industries (CPI).     2 ft
Formed in 1987 by the merging of Baker
International Corp. (originally Baker Oil    12 ft
Tools) and Hughes Tool Co., the company
designs high-performance technologies                                   oil-bearing sand-shale
for use in oil and gas reservoirs by
customers such as Shell, Exxon Mobil,        10 ft                      laminations                            FIGURE 1. A simplified
Chevron, Marathon, Texaco, and
ConocoPhilips.                                                 borehole fluid-invaded zone                     triaxial induction-logging
	 Baker Hughes’ global operations are
backed by three product line groups,                                                                           tool located eccentrically
which develop, manufacture, and support
their advanced technologies. One of                                                                            in a deviated well drilled
the groups—Drilling and Evaluation—
offers real-time reservoir navigation and                                                                      through an invaded,
formation evaluation services during
drilling. The services include logging-                        borehole (water-based fluid)                    layered earth formation.
while-drilling (LWD) tools and a complete
range of wireline logging tools for          inside a wellbore to detect and quantify        systematic technique for formation
detailed post-drilling formation evaluation  oil and gas reserves in the rock adjacent       evaluation, and it is still the foremost
in every environment. These services are     to the well. The data from the evaluation       method in formation evaluation used for
designed to help customers drill more        is organized and interpreted by depth and       reservoir navigation,” said Dutta. “It is
efficiently, evaluate geologic formations,   represented on a graph called a log.            based on the fact that oil and gas have a
place wells in productive zones within the   	 “Baker Hughes’ reservoir navigation           substantially higher electrical resistivity
reservoir, and perform petrophysical and     tools routinely enable wells to be placed       compared to salt water. Underground
geophysical data acquisition.                accurately by measuring and visualizing         formations usually contain salt water in
                                             bed boundaries and oil-water contact            their pores. Hence, the bulk formation
èTHE IMPORTANCE OF                           zones and providing precise geosteering         resistivity is higher if the pores contain oil
“SIGHT” DURING DRILLING                      information,” said Dr. Sushant M. Dutta, a      or gas in addition to salt water.”
                                             researcher in the Strategic Technology and      	 Until recently, oil and gas operators
Reservoir navigation and formation           Advanced Research group for the Drilling        had been limited in the types of real-
evaluation are important for the simple      and Evaluation product line at Baker            time resistivity logging measurements
reason that drill operators need to “see”    Hughes.                                         they could use for reservoir navigation.
exactly where to place the well. While       	 One such tool is Baker Hughes’ AziTrak™       Although deep-reading measurements
reservoir navigation entails the matching    Deep Azimuthal Resistivity LWD tool.            provide information about approaching
of geological and resistivity models to      Resistivity LWD is a method of well logging     boundaries and fluid contacts, the
drill along and through bed boundaries       that works by characterizing the rock or        azimuth of these boundaries and contacts
to precisely place wells, formation          sediment near a borehole by measuring its       was unknown. The AziTrak™ tool solves
evaluation is the process of interpreting    electrical resistivity.                         these issues by providing a 360° view of
a combination of measurements taken          	 “Resistivity logging is the oldest            the downhole environment. It is capable

OIL GAS&                                                       AziTrak is a trademark of Baker Hughes Incorporated.
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